54 Christmas in the Late 20th Century

From Christmas 2010: The world went from black and white TV just catching on to the internet beginning its domination, but did Christmas change very much? We travel down memory lane. Join us on The Christmas Stocking’s Facebook page! Lots happening. Lots going on at Twitter.com/XmasStocking, too. Not much time to tell the world your Christmas wish at MyChristmasStocking.net. Click the Call Me button and enter your phone number. My voicemail will call you.  Or email your answer to TopElf at MyChristmasStocking.NET.

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Featured music:

“We Three Kings” by Pink Martini from “Joy to the World”
(Heinz Records)
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Background music:

“Surf’s Up Emmanuel” by Brian Bunker Christmas (from GarageBand.com)

“Oh Holy Night” by Brian Bunker Christmas (from GarageBand.com)

More information:

Retrohousewife.com goes back to Christmases in the 40’s to recent times. I’ll just link to the 50’s and you can go from there.

Some Christmas toys from the past. And more, from a slightly British perspective.

Here’s a Toys ‘R’ Us commercial from the 70’s. Here’s an M&M’s commercial from the 80’s. Much more warm and fuzzy than these days.

I could link to a bunch of Amazon pages that would help The Christmas Stocking, but I think this one from TopTenReviews will be easier for both of us. One fan’s opinions of the best of the 90’s doesn’t gibe with mine.

Wikipedia has a good list of Christmas hits from the 20th century.

2 Responses to “54 Christmas in the Late 20th Century”

  1. Janet

    Do you know the story behind why there is often oranges put in to children’s Christmas stockings? This came up at work.

    • Lee Cameron

      Hi, Janet,

      I don’t know the story. I’ll look into it. I have a feeling there isn’t really a story, though. Oranges are in season this time of year, and I’m sure they were quite a treat 100 years ago when it took more to transport them north. I’ll look at it, though. Thanks for listening!


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