59 Thanksgiving Potpourri

From Thanksgiving 2011: We return for our sixth year; I’m glad you’re here. Keep up with Christmas at  Twitter.com/XmasStocking and our Facebook page, and circle us on Google+. Email: TopElf at MyChristmasStocking.net. Call me from MyChristmasStocking.net, where you’ll find many more episodes, too.

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Featured music:

“She’s Coming Home for X-mas” by The Beautiful Losers from “Peace, Love and Xmas” (Strawberry Hill Music)
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Background Music:

“Nasareth Homeboy”  by HÃ¥kan Lidbo from “Jul pa techno 2011 – Electronic Christmas Anthems” (Clubstream Mix)
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“O Come All Ye Faithful” by Amy Marie from “Simple Gifts” (Spiritwood Music)
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More information:

Background on this year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree.

If you’re interested in the Capitol Christmas tree you might be interested in its driver as it travels across the country. He’s a volunteer.

Check out this video of the Chicago tree being loaded on the flatbed truck.

Learn where the official White House tree for the Blue Room came from.

Find out more about James Taylor as Bob Cratchit.

Thanks again to Beth from North Carolina. If you’d like to give a gift to the Christmas Stocking, go to contribute.MyChristmasStocking.net.


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