76 Canadian Christmas

For longtime listener Jeffery, the neighbors to our (the U.S.) north are the focus. Follow us on FacebookTwitter.com/XmasStocking, and Google+. Find all the episodes at MyChristmasStocking.net. Thanks, Diana in Ontario Canada for your generous gift to the Christmas Stocking. Go to Contribute.MyChristmasStocking.net if you’d like to give.

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Featured music:

“Snowy White River” by Sofia Talvik

Background music:

“Il est né le divin enfant” by Washington Saxophone Quartet from “Tis The Season Celebrate With WSaxQ” (Americus Records, Inc.)
More On This Album

“The Huron Carol” by Vic Diesel (from MacJams.com)

“O Come All Ye Faithful” by The London Fox Players from “Christmas-Harp and Strings” (Classic Fox Records)
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More On This Album

More information:

WhyChristmas.com has lots of good info, as does this article from Kaboose.com.

From Boston.com, learn about the tree Halifax, Nova Scotia, sends to Boston each year.


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