86 Elf on the Shelf

An undercover elf who keeps an eye on the kids for Santa? Can it be true? Hey! I know an elf! I’ll get the scoop. Share your childhood Christmas memory at MyChristmasStocking.net, click “Call Me.” You can also find the Christmas Stocking on  Facebook, Twitter (@XmasStocking) and Google+. Email us TopElf at MyChristmasStocking.NET. Thanks to Emma in the UK for your generous gifts to the Christmas Stocking! Contribute.MyChristmasStocking.net.

Click here to download the show to your device.

Featured music:

This Holiday Night” by Margo Rey (find her on Facebook and Twitter)
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Background music includes:

“Joy to the World” by Kevin Zerbe

“I Saw Three Ships”  by The Manor House String Quartet from “I Saw Three Ships and Other Carols”

More information:

Of course I found a lot at their own ElfontheShelf.com, including all of the merchandise which can be bought right there.

Also, Wikipedia and a Washington Post article from a semi-convert.

To buy merchandise through Amazon.com & help the show a tiny bit, just click here.


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