100 Christmas in Denmark

Jean on Facebook wanted to hear about Danish Christmas (as opposed to Christmas danish. Ha!). Wanna be on the show? Call the Christmas Stocking at 323-487-12-25 or go to MyChristmasStocking.net and click “Call Me.” The Christmas Stocking is on the social networks: Twitter (@XmasStocking)  Facebook and Google+.

Click here to download the show to your device.

Featured music:

“A Long Way Home” by Sofia Talvik

Background music:

“The Holy Child” by IKOS David Clifton & the Choirs of Peterborough Cathedral from “Christmas Carols and Songs

“I Heard the Bells – Carol of the Bells Medley” by Kevin Zerbe from “The Ghost of Christmas Past”

“A Good King (Wenceslas)” by Kevin Zerbe from “Zerbinator’s ‘Under the Tree'”

More information:

Denmark.dk, the official website of Denmark has a nice overview of their celebration. VisitDenmark, the official tourism site of Denmark, discusses Danish Christmas traditions and Christmas Eve in Denmark.

AboutTravel looks at Danish Christmas.



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