101 Christmas Toys 1960-1969

Unless you were born before 1950 or so, at least some of your favorite toys were probably introduced in the 1960s (if not the ’50s). Get social with the Christmas Stocking on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (@XmasStocking). Call the Christmas Stocking at 323-487-12-25 or go to MyChristmasStocking.net and click “Call Me.” You might be on the show! Thanks Kathy in Minnesota for your generous gift to the show. MyChristmasStocking.net/Contribute.

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Featured music:

“Fum, Fum, Fum” by Irene Nachreiner with Her Latin Jazz Band from “A Hot & Spicy Christmas”
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Background music:

“Cumbia de Tannenbaum (Club Mix)” by Juan Oskar from “Christmas is for Grownups Too” (from Mevio.com)
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“Chispas de Christmas (Club Mix)” by Juan Oskar from “Christmas is for Grownups Too” (from Mevio.com)
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More information:

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Learn more about the Troll dolls from Wikipedia and the old GoodLuckTrolls.com from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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Here’s the long history of G.I. Joe–from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia lets you know about the game of Operation.

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Find out about Twister in this Wikipedia article.

Battleship’s history is detailed by…Wikipedia.

Wikipedia’s article on Lite-Brite.

Rev up the Hot Wheels info from Wikipedia.


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