111 Christmas Toys 1970-1979

A lot of great toys were invented in the 1970s and put under the tree; too many to mention! But I cover some of the biggest in this episode. Follow the show on Twitter (@XmasStocking), on Facebook, and Google+. And please come to MyChristmasStocking.net. Share your Christmas plans by calling (323) 487-12-25 and be on the show. Or email them to TopElf at MyChristmasStocking dot NET.

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Featured music:

“Fluffy Snow” by Bill McKechnie from “Key to Christmas Fluffy Snow”
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Background music:

“Ringing Bells (instrumental version)” by Hill & Hale and Their Merry Friends from “Christmastime”
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More information:

Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive history of the Nerf ball.

People magazine has a pretty breezy history of Nerf.

On Wikipedia, learn all you wanted to learn and more about Uno.

Wikipedia discusses the Kenner “Star Wars” action figures, where they all began.

Retro Junk also has a good history of the “Star Wars” figures.

Wikipedia delves into the history of “Hungry Hungry Hippos.”

Learn more about Strawberry Shortcake from Wikipedia.


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