120 The National Christmas Center

We travel to Pennsylvania Dutch country to visit a regional favorite. Thanks for the suggestion, Steven! He wrote to TopElf@MyChristmasStocking.net to suggest it. Join us on Facebook, where I’m posting some Live Video among other stuff, on Twitter (@XmasStocking), where I’m posting news and other Christmas links, and Pinterest and Google+, where I post about the show. I want your voice on the show! Call (323) 487-12-25 and explain what Christmas IS to you. Explore MyChristmasStocking.net for over 100 other episodes.

Click here to download the show to your device.

Featured music:

“December Daze” by Janet Devlin from the EP “December Daze”
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Background music:

“Winter Whimsy” by Shay MacKay (from MacJams.com)

“Christmastime” by illuminati (from MacJams.com)

More information:

The National Christmas Center website has pretty much everything you need to know.

The Reading, PA, Eagle talked to the founder and owner of the National Christmas Center, Jim Morrison in 2015.

Travel sites Discover Lancaster, Visit PA, and Roadside America have more info if you want to visit.


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