123 Christmas Toys 1980-1989

We continue on our march through toy time. Did you love any of these toys? Let me know on Twitter (@XmasStocking),on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. And of course MyChristmasStocking.net. Call (323) 487-12-25 and share what Christmas IS to you!

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Featured music:

“Infant Lowly Infant Lowly” by Chris Rupp featuring the Hound + the Fox from “A Little Bit of Christmas”
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Background music:

“Christmas Rap” by Kevin McLeod (from Incompetech)

“Winter White Forest” by Howard Eddy
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More information:

About the Rubik’s Cube from Wikipedia and The Telegraph.

About the Care Bears from Wikipedia and AG Kids Zone.

About My Little Pony from Wikipedia and Hasbro.

Wikipedia will tell you about the Cabbage Patch Kids, the Transformers, the Koosh Ball, Pictionary, American Girl (and AmericanGirl.com), and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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