134 Christmas Toys 1990-1999

If you grew up in the ’90s, or had kids who grew up in the ’90s, you will remember these classics. Let me know if you loved any of these on Facebook, or on Twitter (@XmasStocking), or Pinterest. Make a phone call to the Christmas Stocking! (323) 487-12-25. Tell me what Christmas is to you. Or write (or send an audio file) to TopElf@MyChristmasStocking.net. Thanks for the gifts to the Christmas Stocking at MyChristmasStocking.net/contribute!

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Featured music:

An Elf Named Moe” by Carl Stuck
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Find out more about the art contest at AnElfNamedMoe.com

Background music:

“Decking the Halls in 1966” by Juan Oskar from “Christmas is for Grownups Too” (I found it on Mevio.com)
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“El Noche De Silencio” byBrian Bunker Christmas

“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Mark Bodino from “My Favorite Christmas Guitar Songs All Year Round
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“Deck the Halls” by Frank Carter from the album “Deck the Halls
Get the album from Frank

More information:

Learn more about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from GrnRngr.com.

Wikipedia will tell you about Beanie Babies, Tickle Me Elmo, Tamagotchi, Furby, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Learn more about Pokémon from Bulbapedia on Bulbagarden.

Hear episodes about toys from all of the other decades of the 20th century, and find other episodes where I talk about toys, at Toys.MyChristmasStocking.net.


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