135 The Jesse Tree

It’s not about Advent, really, but it’s kind of about Advent. If you want to be on the show, call (323) 487-12-25 now. We’re getting kind of close to the day. What is Christmas to you? You can also email TopElf@MyChristmasStocking.net. Thank you for giving to the Christmas Stocking at MyChristmasStocking.net/contribute. It’s huge to me. Keep in touch on Twitter (@XmasStocking), or Facebook, or Pinterest.

Click here to download the show to your device.

Featured music:

“Star of Hope” by Katey Laurel from the double album “This is Christmas”
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Background music:

“Joy to the World” by Mark Bodino from “My Favorite Christmas Guitar Songs All Year Round
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“Star of Hope Instrumental” by Katey Laurel

More information:

Wikipedia has a lot about the history of the Tree of Jesse.

Why Christmas has a bit about how you can incorporate a Jesse Tree into your holiday.

Jesuit ministry the Loyola Press has more ideas about working the Jesse Tree into your Advent.

While we’re at it, I talked about Advent in 2009, and played a great rendition of “People Look East.” It’s at Advent.MyChristmasStocking.net


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