52 “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

From Christmas 2010: I love the dancing twins, the pink aluminum Christmas tree, and everything else about A Charlie Brown Christmas. We go behind the scenes. Many ways to get involved. I post a ton of Christmas info on Twitter.com/XmasStocking, and will reply if you message me. The  Facebook page is hopping, too. Email TopElf at MyChristmasStocking.NET. And what do you want for Christmas? Go to MyChristmasStocking.net, click the Call Me button and enter your phone number. My voicemail will call you privately and for free.

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Featured music:

“Sing Hallelujah (Christ Is Born of Mary)” by 1 Less Stone (from Soundclick.com)

Background music:

“The First Nowell” by David Shelley from “Christmas Sax – Seasonal Favorites With Smooth Jazz”
(Classic Fox Records)
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“O Come All Ye Faithful” by Michael Ryan from “A Classical Guitar Christmas”

More information:

Infoplease.com, MentalFloss.com, Wikia.com and, of course, Wikipedia.com have some more about the production.

Amazon has many DVD versions, including this one and the Holiday Collection, some Blu-rays (this is the most basic version) (oh–and this is the Holiday Collection Blu-ray), and you can download a digital copy.

The original ending of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The Washington Post has an excellent overview of the special with an interview with Lee Mendelson. If only it had come out before this podcast!