What is the Christmas Stocking & how can I listen?

The Christmas Stocking is a podcast, an audio show you can listen to on your phone, computer, or any device that plays mp3s.

 For more information on how to subscribe, visit MyChristmasStocking.net/Subscribe

To listen in your browser, just click the player at the top of the episode show notes and it will automatically play the episode. Or just visit the main page, MyChristmasStocking.net, where you’ll find a handy-dandy player that will play any episode you want! There, you’ll also find a way to receive email alerts when new episodes are released. You’ll be notified every time an episode is released, and have show notes in your inbox!

Episodes come out every few days during the Christmas season, and usually one during late summer to get you through the heat (if you need it). Each one will have at least one Christmas song, sometimes traditional, sometimes something you may not have heard before. We also tell you the stories behind our favorite traditions, how people around the world celebrate, and other surprises. If you have any ideas for traditions or other subjects to cover, or want to share your tradition, please comment below!

Enjoy the show, and have a very Merry Christmas! I hope to hear from you soon!



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11 Responses to “What is the Christmas Stocking & how can I listen?”

  1. Olivia

    Hi! I just heard your podcast… i really think im going to get into it. Just a word of advice: emphasize the website/email more… it took a couple times to get it right. Also, can i leave a voice message by phone? i know sometimes you can call a number and put in a code… i mean i just want to get on the show

    Olivia R.

  2. Lee

    Thanks for your comment, Olivia. Thanks for the advice. You can always find the website and email on the shownotes in your podcatcher (definitely on iTunes), and if you have an iPod, they should show up there (I think–I haven’t looked). I’ll try to say it more, too. Your idea of leaving a message by phone is a good one. I’ll try to find a way to do it–I know they’re out there, I just haven’t looked hard enough.

    Thanks for listening! Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Rich

      Hi Lee,
      Look at Speakpipe.com for one solution letting your listeners leave you questions and comments that you can play on air.

      • Lee Cameron

        Thanks Rich. I’m not in a position to pay a monthly fee for voicemail though. It wouldn’t be economical.

  3. Aaron

    Hey Lee it’s June and on June 25th we will be half way to Christmas.. So happy half way day. You should do a podcast for the special day? Just an idea. Aaron (Duluth, MN)

  4. Lee

    Aaron, that’s a great idea. I haven’t gotten into Christmas mode, yet, though. I may release something over the summer, though. We’ll see. Thanks for remembering the Christmas Stocking!


  5. Chris

    Glad to hear you are planning to do some more podcasting and it wasn’t just a one year thing. I just got into listening to podcasts and have subscribed to yours, but aside from the promos and the summer one I’m saving them to listen to when it’s actually Christmas time. I have a thought on a topic that could actually fit into several episodes… maybe one per decade. How about playing a song, maybe T.V. or radio commercials for holiday gifts if you can find them, and highlighting popular toys, decorations, etc. from various decades?

  6. Lee

    Chris, thanks for your kind words; welcome to the wild world of podcasting! Podcasting will change your listening habits.

    I love your ideas for the show. Unfortunately, podcasters, like everyone else, have to worry about copyright law. And most music and commercials are still covered by copyright, which requires us to pay a (really high) fee. So I’m sticking to “pod-friendly” music for now. No law against talking about stuff, though! I’ve been covering different eras of Christmas and will probably narrow them the more recent we get. In other words, keep listening for episodes about at least some of the decades of the twentieth century! I’m not sure how many I’ll do this year, but I’m sure to do some. Thanks again!


  7. Tom

    Hey. I am in a rock band that just recorded a Christmas Album. We are not selling it. We are just giving it out to family, friends and fans because we really enjoy the holiday season. I was just wondering what you would recomend we do to share some of our songs with some christmas podcasters. Should we put it on podsafe website? Thanks for your time and love the show. Keep up the good work and Christmas spirit.

    • Lee Cameron


      Putting your music on a music website would be a great idea. You could use iLike, which folded GarageBand into their site, or one of many others. Or you could post it almost anywhere and give links to Christmas podcasters individually. Whatever you do, let me know where you put it!

  8. Tom

    Thanks. I have one for download on Reverbnation. I only put one because I know this one is public domain. Here is the link.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

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