Who’s Behind This?

I’m Lee Cameron. I love Christmas! I’ve been on the radio most of my life and love radio and music. I was the original nighttime disk jockey on Radio Disney, and have been on a bunch of other stations all over the country, including Mega 92.3 (and Mega 100)/Los Angeles, KLUC/Las Vegas, and WTIC-FM/Hartford, CT.

I’m currently in Los Angeles pursuing a voice over and commercial acting career, and I miss snow!


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19 Responses to “Who’s Behind This?”

  1. David W. Fuller, Jr.

    Awesome job! I download and listen while at work. Keep up the great work. You have really interesting facts. The music is great too! As far as you missing the snow…dude, get a therapist. I am originally from the Adirondack Mountains in New York State and now live in North Carolina…I do not miss the snow at all. If I had a palm tree in my front yard I would be the happiest person in the world (don’t tell my kids)! For all my snow needs I buy a Christmas card with a snow scene on it. Keep up the great job. I will be looking forward to downloading more info. Thanks.

  2. Aaron Molina

    I really LOVE the show, Thanks. I’m all about tradition and I plan to make listening to your show my new one. I love the in-depth history of you podcasts. Please keep doing this each year, let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to keep you podcast alive each year to come. I Stream a Christmas music show from my web page http://www.moeview.com link at the top called MOERADIO. Keep up the great work. Aaron Molina (Duluth, MN) *** PS. we have snow.

  3. Jenn

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! That’s not nearly enough thanks for you work. I too love christmas, but with kids, husband, work, dog, shopping, etc., it can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Thanks for the podcast and the history of our traditions. I too would be willing to help any way i can. My only suggestion is to start the research and recording earlier in the year and save it for November and December. Thanks!!!!
    P.S. I live in Utah now and we are snowless. I think I want to move back to Chicago for a good white Christmas.

  4. Lee

    Thank YOU, Jenn, for the kind words. Your suggestion is smart and I’m planning to do just that.

  5. Aaron

    Great year Lee. Do you plan to keep it going all year long? You should. I know the summer months would be hard but 1 or 2 podcasts a month would be great. Come on…. I double dog dare you! ok I TRIPLE dog dare you! Aaron (Duluth, MN)

  6. Lee

    Hi, Aaron. Thanks for the kind words and for the thought of having the Christmas Stocking all year long. It’s an interesting thought. While I may prepare and partially produce some over the year, I don’t plan to post any new episodes until the end of the year.

    One more is coming, though, this season!

  7. Michael Davis

    I enjoyed your podcast,
    I wanted to talk to you directly if possible as I did not see any other means of contacting you I am posting this.
    I would like to discuss a voice over opportunity.
    please contact me at the e mail given.


    Michael Davis

  8. Tim Butler

    Thank you so much for this podcast. It is wonderful! I just found out about it via the OrganizedChristmas.com message board. Please keep it going. I’m worried that now that I have discovered the podcast, you will stop making them!!!

    Hope to hear more shows from you soon.


  9. Lee


    Thank YOU for writing such nice things! I appreciate it. Thanks for letting me know where you heard about the podcast; OrganizedChristmas.com looks great. I’m going to spend some time on it.

    Don’t worry, I have a bunch more ideas for shows–for instance, we haven’t covered Africa, South America or Australia in depth (I touch on them in the summer episode), and I’ll update a couple others. If you know where I can find podsafe music, please let me know. I’m especially interested in music for and from around the world. Also, check out the new main page, MyChristmasStocking.NET! Talk to you soon!


  10. michael ryan

    Hi Lee,
    I have a CD, “A Classical Guitar Christmas,” and would like to know if you’d like to play it on your podcast.

    • Lee Cameron

      Hi, Michael,

      Thanks for the offer! I would be very interested in playing it. Please email me with details on how I can get it. If you have mp3’s, that would be easiest, but we can make other arrangements, too. I will check out your website after Thanksgiving.

      Happy holidays!


  11. Wendy

    Hi Lee!
    I enjoyed the summer music spectacular and have been waiting for the first podcast of this Christmas season.
    Like you I enjoy the snow and right now, we still don’t have any in Toronto. Because of this, everyone I have spoken has fessed up that they too want snow as it is a great reminder to get up and do some shopping, decorating and baking. We need snow and lights look much better when reflecting off of ice and snow!
    Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas to everyone.

    • Lee Cameron

      Hi, Wendy!

      Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoy this year’s shows.

      I miss snow so much I miss being sick of snow! Do you know what it’s like to be sick of sunshine and pleasant weather? I feel like a chump! I agree lights look much better with the reflections added.

      Have a great holiday, and I hope you get just enough, and not too much, snow this year.


  12. Chris Cockrell

    Great job with the podcast! I only discovered it today when I searched for “Christmas podcast” and found it in the search results. Honestly, I didn’t really expect to find anything at all.

    Have you considered doing a longer (maybe 1 hr?) show? I’m thinking you could go into a little greater detail on the topics discussed, perhaps sometimes have a guest who is an authority on the subject, then take a few minutes to take calls from listeners.

    I’m 29 and a comm major in school right now. I do some freelance work as a writer, but I’m also interested in radio and podcasting, so if you don’t want to jump on that idea then I might.

    You don’t need an apprentice/co-host, do you?

    • Lee Cameron

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you found the podcast and I’m glad you enjoyed what you heard.

      Actually, I considered doing a longer show before I began and decided against it. I wanted to give people a little something they could listen to in the car, maybe to give folks a break between Christmas songs on their iPod, with some interesting info and a song. I like the level of detail; I try to give the most important and interesting information and links for people to delve deeper if they’d like. Basically, a show I want to listen to.

      You’re describing a good show, too; I’m guessing one you want to listen to. I’d bet a lot of listeners would be interested; I often get requests to lengthen the show. I feel that’s better than requests to shorten it. Always leave ’em wanting more is my philosophy.

      I am a one-man operation, so you’d think I would need an apprentice, but I’m happy right now the way it’s going. I think you should run with your idea. It’ll be a lot of work (I think I could maybe manage one per week, and I like keeping the show primarily seasonal, so that’s not a lot of episodes), but it’ll be very rewarding, too. Let me know if you have any questions.


  13. emma in the uk

    Cannot wait for this years podcasts, they really get me in the mood. Feeling left out since I left Facebook so will be logging on here more often to keep up to date with whats happening at the christmas stocking. Your a star for doing this Lee

    • Lee Cameron

      Hi, Emma,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It won’t be long now. I’m sorry you’ve left Facebook. The Christmas Stocking is on Twitter and Google +, as well. If you have any suggestions for other places I should show my face, I’d love to hear them! And don’t forget http://MyChristmasStocking.net.

      Thanks again, Emma,


  14. Anders

    Just discovered your podcast and I love it. I live i Stockholm and I just cant wait for next christmas! Thanks again!

    • Lee Cameron


      Thanks for being in touch! I’m glad you found the show and that you like it. Have a great year, and I’ll talk to you this summer!


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